Our Meaningful Stories

Dr Eline Kieft, Coventry University

Most of us in academia are passionate about what we’re doing, right? But how often do we take time to reflect on this important part of our lives? During this workshop, we will combine elements of story telling, writing, collage, and movement exploration to revisit the motivation that fuels our lives as researchers. Why are we here? Why did we choose an academic career? Is it working out for us? This workshop offers a time for reflection and taking stock, for re-sourcing and addressing our work-life balance, and potentially for finding new inspiration and enthusiasm. We will be looking at: · the past, present and future of our individual paths of coming to an academic career; · how these original motivations are, or perhaps are no longer, present in the actuality of our daily research activities; · how we can look after and sustain ourselves while meeting the requirements, including through archetypes and/or inspiring role models; · and what is necessary for each individual to healthily envisage our future within or, perhaps, outside of academia. This is a taster session that offers creative ways to reconnect with that which is meaningful to us, and engage with researcher development and leadership in a ‘liminal’ space. In her facilitation, Eline combines her love for stories, anthropology, shamanism and dance. What she offers is directly inspired by her experience in academia at universities both in the Netherlands (since 2000) and in the UK (since 2007), as well as by her respective trainings in (core-) shamanism and Movement Medicine. Her passion for embodied research and writing has recently been awarded with an NCRM grant to develop a somatics toolkit for anthropology students, using the body as a tool for research as well as to support mental and emotional wellbeing. Living with chronic pain for 20 years also prioritised reconnecting with source and meaning, to stay healthy and well.


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