DCAD20 Postgraduate Researcher Posters

Tuesday 24th March 2020

16:30 – 18:00 Poster Session 

View the fantastic research that is being conducted by Coventry University’s postgraduate researchers’ and get the opportunity to discuss this with them.

The poster session will only available in the RECAP Moodle area > DCAD20
Poster files will be avaialble to view online on Tuesday 24th March and participants & presenters will get the opportunity to discuss each poster at 16:30 using the Moodle chat function in the RECAP Moodle area.

Chloe Egan—How do UK podiatrists promote self-care and support behaviour change in patients with diabetes mellitus?

Mohamed Hesham Mohsen Ali Marei—Transfer Learning Enabled Convolutional Neural Networks for Cutting Tool Prognostics

Mohammed Ahmed—Empirical evaluation of barriers affecting adoption of autonomous vehicles

Darren Gary Berkland—“What the hell is the postdigital anyway?”: The postdigital and anxiety

Saif Alatrash—Gamified Museum

Nikita Rowley—Delivery approaches currently used within exercise referral schemes in England

Grace Young—Economic sports of inequality

Anup Kumar Pandey – Automatic Detection Of Road Defects To Inform Predictive Maintenance Actions

Rafael Vieira Teixeira—Internationalisation under threat in Brazil

Ayesha Judge—The protective effects of GLP-1 and liraglutide on insulin resistant 3D kidney spheroids.

Zhongwei Liu—How human-induced climate change may be altering wildfire events?

Caroline Lozahic—Impact of a cancer drug Doxorubicin on heart vessels and potential alleviating therapy identification

Austine Ehibhatiomhan—Protein Engineering of Dyp1B from Pseudomonas fluorescens Pf-5 for the breakdown and recycling of lignin and lignolytic substrates

Patrick Nwoko—Disaster Risk Reduction Education in Natural Hazard Prone Countries

Ali Parsa—Waste Reduction through Computer Modelling

Alysia Martindale—The Special Synergy of 3D Printing and Assistive Technology

Uroosa Mushtaq—Testing Intercultural Dialogue in fragile non-western contexts – Case study of Jammu & Kashmir

Laura Allen—The Hidden Information in Water

Ida Suandi—Factors Influencing Malaysian Students’ Lifestyle, Attitudes to Learning, Motivation and Learning Experiences in UK universities. The Initial Study

Tammy Mudd— Sisters…doin’ it for themselves

Adeboye Dada—Exploring Entrepreneurship Pedagogy and Digital Technology Adaptation in SMEs: What works?