DCAD Title & Abstract Submission Checklist

Once submitted, your presentation title and abstract will be reviewed by the DCAD21 feedback panel.  The abstract review process is designed to provide an opportunity for development and includes suggestions for improvement which have been recommended to improve the quality of the abstract. The feedback panel will use the DCAD submission checklist to evaluate your submission.  

Please read the submission checklist carefully and use this checklist as you prepare and review your oral, PechaKucha (20/20) or poster title & abstract submission.  

Submission Checklist

  1. The abstract is within the 150 maximum word limit. It is important that your abstract observes the word limit defined by the submission criteria, ignoring the limit can result in your presentation being returned or not accepted by the conference organisers.  
  2. The abstract is free from grammatical and spelling errors.  Check your abstract for grammatical and spelling errors. Asking someone else to read your work or using screen reading software can help you to find mistakes that you may have overlooked on your own.     
  3. The title of your presentation is suitable for a non-specialist audience. Your title should capture the attention of your prospective audience. It should deliver a complete, immediately understandable message.  You should avoid all jargon, acronyms and abbreviations. 
  4. The abstract uses accessible and plain language suitable for a non-specialist audience.  Your audience will be mostly non-specialists. Use accessible and comprehensible language to help non-specialists to access and enjoy your presentation. Avoid all jargon, acronyms and abbreviations and explain any essential specialist language (and be able to justify why it’s essential). One test of good writing is to read it aloud. If it sounds formal but still natural, you have probably got the style and tone right.  
  5. There is a logical sequence and cohesiveness.  The structure of your abstract should flow easily and summarise the key aspects of your research:  
    • What’s the issue/problem?   
    • What are you going to do/have done about it?  
    • So what? Why is this research important?   

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